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Trade crypto like a pro from anywhere and anytime around the world. Get high APY & APR on your favorite crypto asset staking.

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Trade easily without interference of centralized financial systems. Trade, lend, borrow, earn and more, in a growing suite of DeFi products

Community Rewards.

We’d like to introduce you to the first iteration of the LowSwap Community reward program. It is composed of 3 pillars: Development Bounties, Engagement Rewards & Special events rewards.

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Instant settlement


Blockchain technology

Experienced team

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AI matching

Low cost

Digital personas

A Masterpiece In DeFi Rewards And Passive Income

The LowSwap ecosystem is designed from the ground up to reward participants.

Earn Interest

Securely deposit in our audited vaults and earn interest.

  • Yield Farming
  • Staking
  • Trading Fees
  • Liquidation Fees
  • Community participation
  • Vault Fees
  • Leveraged Burn

Funds Allocation

Token Distribution


Q3 2022
Q3 2022


Website Launch, Smart Contract Audit, Airdrop, PancakeSwap Listing, Global AMAs, CoinMarketCap & CoinGecko Listing

Q4 2022
Q4 2022


DApp Launch, Web3 Development Platform, Android & iOS Apps, Commercial Partnerships

Q1 2023
Q1 2023


More Blockchain, Launch Multi-Chain Swap Protocol, DApp V2, LowSwap Wallet, Listing on 10 Major Exchanges.

Q2 2023
Q2 2023




Jump straight in, with no registration, verification or KYC/AML required.


You are 100% in control of your funds at all time and there is no trusted third party involved in the process. Your keys and your funds.

Decentralized Governance

Once the koinswap project reaches network maturity the DAO will direct all aspects of development and governance through a provably fair voting scheme.

Decentralized Price System

This is no reliance on external third parties for price data (e.g. no chainlink, no centralized nodes).

100% On-Chain

The entire margin trading system is deployed on unbreakable smart contracts with no centralized components.

Tokenized Positions

Margin positions are tokenized as composable in the future more sophisticated financial instruments to be built on top of the protocol.


You need to get listed on the Whitelist Dashboard to be a part of presale.

LowSwap tokens will be airdropped to the BSC address used at the time of presale. LowSwap tokens are based on the BSC network. To check your balance in your wallet, all you need to do is to switch the network from ETH to BSC and import the asset using the contract address.

Yes we are .

More than $150,000 has been spent from our personal funds. This has been verified through audits and reviews alone. A lot of these costs arise due to LowSwap being a novel protocol which isn’t a fork of an existing, audited project. We hope our personal investment and the amount of time we’ve dedicated underlines our commitment to making koinswap an unwavering success.

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